[R-pkg-devel] how to skip tests on CRAN but NOT on travis-ci?

Jennifer Bryan jenny at stat.ubc.ca
Sun Jun 21 16:46:58 CEST 2015

I hope this is an appropriate to place to ask this. My question involves add-on tools and services, but I think they are in common use and others might have same question.

I am using testthat for testing and Travis (https://travis-ci.org) for continuous integration.

I do not want the vast majority of my tests to run on CRAN. They take a long time, require an internet connection, etc. I believe the official testthat solution for this is to use testthat::skip_on_cran() at the beginning of the body of the test.

However, I DO want these tests to run on Travis. In fact, I'd like to be as crazy strict on Travis as possible. More strict than on CRAN. So running R CMD check on Travis "as CRAN" is no good for me.

I think this coincides with this unanswered question on stackoverflow:

Thanks for any suggestions,

Jennifer Bryan
Associate Professor
Department of Statistics and
   the Michael Smith Laboratories
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC Canada

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