[R-pkg-devel] use of `dev.new` across platforms in RStudio (Martin Maechler)

JJ Allaire jj at rstudio.com
Sun Jun 14 13:41:53 CEST 2015

> I have neither been involved in the creation of the
> 'noRStudioGD' option, but from looking at  dev.new() it is clear
> that it *should* work on all three platforms (Windows, Mac,
> Linuxen).
> It is really unfortunate that this still does not work reliably
> (or stopped working with a new release of "something" ?)...
> Honestely, I believe it is primarily RStudio's responsibility to
> ensure that something standard R as  dev.new()  keeps working in
> their interface to R,= and if it does not, at least contact the R
> developers (R core) about it.

Currently the RStudio graphics device creation function fails if the
RStudio device is already active. We will modify this function to
rather than fail just delegate to the platform-appropriate device
creation function (which will create an external windows, X11, or
quartz graphics device window). This will make dev.new work as
expected within RStudio.

J.J. Allaire

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