[R-pkg-devel] Non-mainstream packages in vignette / dependency

Peter Meissner retep.meissner at gmail.com
Fri May 22 13:20:19 CEST 2015

Dear Listeners,

I would like to submit a package to CRAN but I also want to use two  
non-mainstream packages in my vignette. Currently I have them stated in my  
Suggests field but that leads to CRAN/Check complaints -understandably  
since they cannot be obtained by install.packages().

I know, that there is the 'Additional_repositories' field for the  
DESCRIPTION file but as the name (and the CRAN policies) say this is for  
CRAN-like repositories and those two packages (AnomalyDetection,  
BreakoutDetection) are on GitHub (e.g.  

Should I simply leave them out of the Suggests - that will lead to  
complaints about non-stated dependencies in vignette.

Should I fake my vignette code so that the troubling part is actually not  
run when building the vignette - that gives me headaches.

Is there some other, clean way ?

Best, Peter


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