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Dear R users,

 I have a txt file named 'data_1.txt' whose first column contains the names
of the individuals and the other columns contain the values of four
variables X_1,X_2,X_3 and X_4. I read it with R from its location and
called it data. I'd like to do a normalized principal component analysis. I
started by calculating the correlation matrix:
 I got the following message:
Error in cor(nnotes) : 'x' must be numeric.
I eliminated the first column of names, then read the modified data and
then added the names of individuals with rownames. I was able to run PCA
and obtain graphical representations of the variables, their coordinates,
contributions and cos2. However, when I used fviz_pca_ind to get the
graphical representation of the individuals, I got a graphic that considers
the variables as individuals. Can you please help me? I have attached the
file data_1 .txt file.

Many thanks in advance.

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