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On 2/23/24 14:34, avi.e.gross using gmail.com wrote:
> This may be a dumb question and the answer may make me feel dumber.
> I have had trouble for years with R packages wanting Rtools on my machine
> and not being able to use it. Many packages are fine as binaries are
> available. I have loaded Rtools and probably need to change my PATH or
> something.

I suppose making sure that whatever directory holds your Rtools code is 
on your path would be a good idea. I wondered if there's an environment 
variable that could be set, but reading the page on using Rtools did not 
mention one until I got down to the section on building R from source 
which is surely NOT what you want to do.. You should read the 
information on installation and building packages from source. 
https://cran.r-project.org/bin/windows/base/howto-R-devel.html which 
includes this sentence:

"It is recommended to use the defaults and install into|c:/rtools43|. 
When done that way, Rtools43 may be used in the same R session which 
installed it or which was started before Rtools43 was installed."

> But I recently suggested to someone that they might want to use the tabyl()
> function in the janitor package that I find helpful. I get a warning when I
> install it about Rtools but it works fine. When they install it, it fails. I
> assumed they would get it from CRAN the same way I did as we are both using
> Windows and from within RSTUDIO.
> In the past, I have run into other packages I could not use and just moved
> on but it seems like time to see if this global problem has a work-around.
> And, in particular, I have the latest versions of both R and RSTUDIO which
> can be a problem when other things are not as up-to-date.
> Or, maybe some people with R packages could be convinced to make binaries
> available in the first place?

Binaries are automatically produced by CRAN but perhaps you are trying 
to install from some other source? It would help if you could be 
specific about several missing pieces of information: Operating system, 
R version, Rtools version, current location of Rtools, names of packages 
and where they were obtained.

Regards and good luck;

David (a.k.a IRTFM)

> Avi
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