[R] Packages sometimes don't update, but no error or warning is thrown

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Sun Feb 18 05:31:33 CET 2024

G'day Philipp,

On Fri, 16 Feb 2024 17:33:13 +0100
Philipp Schneider <philipp-schneider using gmx.net> wrote:

> Thanks for all the input. It's happening again. This time for the
> packages "DBI", "parallelly", "segmented", "survival", "V8". So,
> RStudio shows updates for those and updating them via RStudio leads
> to this output:

Perhaps, as Duncan suggested, you should use update.packages() instead
of install.packages(). 

Also, what happens if you try to do the update in R and not from
RStudio?  I.e. start R and say update.packages() in R?

What does the command 'getOption(pkgType)' output on your machine?  It
should be "both" for either binary or source package.  If it is
"mac.binary" you should investigate where that is set and why your
system is configured to install binary packages early.

Finally, you can always recall the command: 

> install.packages(c("DBI", "parallelly", "segmented", "survival", "V8"))

and modify it to:

> install.packages(c("DBI", "parallelly", "segmented", "survival", "V8"), type = "source")

This, of course, assumes that you have the tools installed to compile
source packages.

Best wishes,

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