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Tue Feb 13 16:29:10 CET 2024

Dear R-Users,

Is there a way to skip over without plotting the jumps/discontinuities in curve()?

I have not seen such an option, but maybe I am missing something.

plot.gamma = function(xlim = c(-6, -1), ylim = c(-1,3), hline = NULL, n = 1000) {
   curve(gamma(x), from = xlim[1], to = xlim[2], ylim=ylim, n=n);
   if( ! is.null(hline)) abline(h = hline, col = "green");

Euler = 0.57721566490153286060651209008240243079;
plot.gamma(hline = Euler)

Adding an option to the function curve may be useful:
options = c("warn", "silent", "unconnected")

This is part of some experiments in math; but that's another topic. For latest version:



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