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Roy Mendelssohn - NOAA Federal roy@mende|@@ohn @end|ng |rom no@@@gov
Thu Feb 1 00:47:18 CET 2024

HI All:

We are trying to figure out a problem that is occurring with a package,  and we need a non-NOAA person with a Windows computer with the latest R to test for us what is failing (but works on Macs and Linux from different sites).  Part of the problem is there is an Akamai service in between that we feel may be messing up things. To do this you would need to be willing to:

1.  install the ‘rerddap’ package from CRAN,  with all dependencies - or if installed make certain it is the latest

2. make certain that the packages ‘curl’, ‘crul’ and ‘http’ are up to date.  

3.  Run the following:

# load rerddap
# delete rerddap cache just in case
# get the data extract
dat <- tabledap('FED_JSATS_detects', url = "https://oceanview.pfeg.noaa.gov/erddap/", 'study_id="RBDD_2018"', callopts = list(verbose = TRUE), store = memory())

4. If it works also do:


Either way if all the output could be sent to me it would be very helpful.  The download may take a couple of minutes,
the file size is about 3.5MB.

If anyone has concerns about what is being downloaded you can check the ‘rerddap’ docs to see these are all legitimate ‘rerddap' commands,  the datasets being accessed is https://oceanview.pfeg.noaa.gov/erddap/tabledap/FED_JSATS_detects.html.  The downloaded file goes to R temp space, and its location,  if successful is given in the output.

Thanks to anyone willing to help.  One of my issues is I have been unable to reproduce the error,  but I also do not have ready access to a Windows machine.

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