[R] Theta from negative binomial regression and power_NegativeBinomiial from PASSED

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Fri Sep 15 03:51:27 CEST 2023


I want to use the power_NetativeBinomial function from the PASSED library. The function requires a value for a parameter theta. The meaning of theta is not given in the documentation (at least I can�t find it) of the function. Further the descriptions of the negative binomial distribution that I am familiar with do not mention theta as being a parameter of the distribution. I noticed that when one runs the glm.nb function to perform a negative binomial regression one obtains a value for theta. This leads to two questions

  1.  Is the theta required by the power_NetativeBinomial function the theta that is produced by the glm.nb function
  2.  What is theta, and how does it relate to the parameters of the negative binomial distribution?

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