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Tue Sep 5 19:49:30 CEST 2023

R is not RStudio. RStudio is not R.

RStudio helps you work with R, but to do so it "types" in some commands behind the scenes. I suspect those errors are because you have a pairing of versions of RStudio with a version of R that the RStudio team did not test.

Someone here might be able to help, but the most likely way to encounter someone who knows what bugs RStudio has is to ask in the RStudio support area [1].

[1] https://support.posit.co/hc/en-us

On September 5, 2023 9:59:28 AM PDT, Sukriti Sood <ssood using woodstockinst.org> wrote:
>I am Sukriti Sood, a research analyst at Woodstock Institute <https://woodstockinst.org/> . I use RStudio extensively for our analysis. I have been facing two issues for a while:
>  1.  I am unable to copy from RStudio and paste into or vice versa to any other programs.
>  2.  I am facing some kind of a conversion error (screenshot attached).
>I tried looking up online however could not find a resolution to these issues. Could I please get some help with this urgently.
>Sukriti Sood
>Sukriti Sood | Research Analyst
>Woodstock Institute
>Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
>67 East Madison, Suite 2108 | Chicago, Illinois 60603
>O (312) 368-0310 x2029 | C (610) 604-6708
>www.woodstockinst.org<http://www.woodstockinst.org/> | ssood using woodstockinst.org<mailto:ssood using woodstockinst.org>

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