[R] Problems with installing R packages from source and running C++ in R, even on fresh R installation

Christophe Bousquet chr_bou@quet @end|ng |rom protonm@||@com
Mon Sep 4 14:05:38 CEST 2023

> If you're up to compiling R from source [] and using a symbolic
> debugger [**] to step through Rcmd.exe, we could try to do that.
> Murphy's law says that the copy of Rcmd.exe you'll build from source
> will work well and refuse to reproduce the problem for you to
> investigate. (Beyond that, there is binary-level debugging, which I'm
> not well versed in.)

Dear Ivan,

Yes, I would be up for trying, but this week I need to finish some stuff before going on holidays.
I will try compiling R from source when I am back from holidays, and ask you if I need assistance.

Many thanks again for trying to solve this issue.

Best regards,

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