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Leonard Mada |eo@m@d@ @end|ng |rom @yon|c@eu
Mon Sep 4 02:05:40 CEST 2023

Dear R-List Members,

I am looking for collaborators to further develop the BioShapes 
almost-package. I added a brief description below.

A.) BioShapes (Almost-) Package

The aim of the BioShapes quasi-package is to facilitate the generation 
of graphical objects resembling biological and chemical entities, 
enabling the construction of diagrams based on these objects. It 
currently includes functions to generate diagrams depicting viral 
particles, liposomes, double helix / DNA strands, various cell types 
(like neurons, brush-border cells and duct cells), Ig-domains, as well 
as more basic shapes.

It should offer researchers in the field of biological and chemical 
sciences a tool to easily generate diagrams depicting the studied 
biological processes.

The package lacks a proper documentation and is not yet released on 
CRAN. However, it is available on GitHub:

Although there are 27 unique cloners on GitHub, I am still looking for 
contributors and collaborators. I would appreciate any collaborations to 
develop it further. I can be contacted both by email and on GitHub.

B.) Documentation Tools

Is there a succinct, but sufficiently informative description of 
documentation tools?
I find that including the documentation in the source files is very 
distracting. I would prefer to have only basic comments in the source 
files and an expanded documentation in a separate location.

This question may be more appropriate for the R-package-devel list. I 
can move the 2nd question to that list.


As the biological sciences are very vast, I would be very happy for 
collaborators on the development of this package. Examples with existing 
shapes are available in (but are unfortunately not documented):


Many thanks,


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