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 I don't know the axis mecanism well enough in ggplot but using the original
barplot function you can add an axis on the right using the axis function.

Here is an example: 

test <- as.table(matrix(c(2,10,3,11), 2,2))
barplot(test, beside = TRUE, col = scales::brewer_pal(palette = 1)(2))
axis(4, at = c(0, 5,  10), labels = c(0,50,100))

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Dear Charles-Edouard

Thanks a lot.
So no way in R to just simply have one ggplot with to axis as in Excel

Kind regards

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You could also use more simply facet_wrap(~ Studien_Flaeche). 

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ggplot adjust two y-axis

Hi Sibylle,
For that kind of data with two different scales, I generally use two graphs
that I name gg1 and gg2 and join them using gridExtra::grid.arrange(gg1,
gg2). This way, the red part of your graph is easier to interpret. 
Have a nice day,

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Dear R-users

Is it possible to adjust two y-axis in a ggplot differently?
- First y axis (0-60)
- Second y axis (0-2500)

### Figure 1
  scale_y_continuous(name="First Axis", sec.axis=sec_axis(trans=~.*50,
name="Second Axis"))+

Thanks a lot

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