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Tue Nov 21 10:51:59 CET 2023


I uninstalled onedrive, I eliminated all the folders and then reinstalled R
and RStudio... but it is RStudio the one creating a folder
called C:\Users\Ana\OneDrive - Universidad Complutense de Madrid

This is what I obtained with the debugging

Error in setwd(dir) : no es posible cambiar el directorio de trabajo
Enter a frame number, or 0 to exit

1: .rs.availablePackages()
2: .rs.onAvailablePackagesStale(reposString)
3: setwd(dir)
Selection: 3Called from:
.rs.onAvailablePackagesStale(reposString)Browse[1]> dir.exists(dir)[1]
TRUEBrowse[1]> setwd(dir)Error durante el wrapup: no es posible
cambiar el directorio de trabajo
Error: no more error handlers available (recursive errors?); invoking
'abort' restart

El mar, 21 nov 2023 a las 9:16, Ivan Krylov (<krylov.r00t using gmail.com>)

> On Tue, 21 Nov 2023 08:46:25 +0100
> Ana de las Heras Molina <andelash using ucm.es> wrote:
> > > traceback()
> > 4: setwd(dir)
> > 3: .rs.onAvailablePackagesStale(reposString)
> > 2: .rs.availablePackages()
> > 1: .rs.rpc.discover_package_dependencies("3C994FEC", ".R")
> This is something that RStudio (not R itself!) does, but it shouldn't
> be failing. Here's what seems to be failing for you [*]:
>    # prepare directory for discovery of available packages
>    dir <- tempfile("rstudio-available-packages-")
>    dir.create(dir, showWarnings = FALSE)
>    # create a file in that directory
>    saveRDS(Sys.time(), file = file.path(dir, "time.rds"))
>    # (This doesn't fail because we keep executing the function, so the
>    # directory must exist!)
>    # move there
>    owd <- setwd(dir) # this somehow fails
> Is it an option to disable OneDrive for the home directory? It's
> clearly doing something terrible to your temporary files. If not, it
> should be possible to create a separate temporary directory on your
> computer (the path must not contain spaces) and list it in the
> .Renviron file in the home directory as the TMPDIR variable:
> TMPDIR=C:/my/R/temp/directory
> See help(Startup) for more information on .Renviron.
> Alternatively, we may try to perform some debugging. If you set
> options(error = recover) and run .rs.availablePackages() again, it
> should fail and give you a debugger prompt. Choose the deepest option
> in the call stack and try to find out the value of the `dir` variable.
> Does dir.exists(dir) still return TRUE? Does setwd(dir) still fail? Can
> you open the directory in the Windows Explorer?
> The last but not the least, do you see some of the same problems if you
> launch Rgui.exe instead of RStudio?
> --
> Best regards,
> Ivan
> [*]
> https://github.com/rstudio/rstudio/blob/45af283a7a5853399904ddc438f6cd89d9b5c137/src/cpp/session/modules/SessionPackages.R#L1625-L1636

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