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Tue Nov 21 08:46:25 CET 2023


Thank you all for your responses. When I initialize R, the folder in which
it starts is:

[1] "C:/Users/Ana/OneDrive - Universidad Complutense de Madrid

So it seems a problem with OneDrive
-Kevin: I do not really understand your question... You mean if I set my
working directory to my C:// or D:// folder in my computer? It doesn't work

-Ivan: this is the message I got when running traceback(). So can I move
the.Rdata file without affecting the work?

-Luke: thank you for the idea, I will try it.

Error in setwd(dir) : no es posible cambiar el directorio de trabajo>
traceback()4: setwd(dir)
3: .rs.onAvailablePackagesStale(reposString)
2: .rs.availablePackages()
1: .rs.rpc.discover_package_dependencies("3C994FEC", ".R")



El mar, 21 nov 2023 a las 0:43, <luke-tierney using uiowa.edu> escribió:

> On Mon, 20 Nov 2023, Ivan Krylov wrote:
> > On Mon, 20 Nov 2023 12:18:11 +0100
> > Ana de las Heras Molina <andelash using ucm.es> wrote:
> >
> >> Error in setwd(dir) : no es posible cambiar el directorio de trabajo
> >
> > If you run traceback() first thing after getting this error, does it
> > say anything useful? (Anything besides "No traceback available" would
> > count as useful.)
> >
> > Do you have a file named .RData in your home directory? If yes, it may
> > help to move it away (or remove it if you don't use the saved session).
> Also check for .Rprofile or other profile that might contain a setwd()
> call.  Starting R with --vanilla should work if the issue is a startup
> file.
> Best,
> luke
> >
> >
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