[R] Error in setwd(dir) when initializing R

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Mon Nov 20 12:18:11 CET 2023

I am Ana de las Heras, and I write to you because every time I open RStudio
or R directly I have the following message, before I can do anything at

Error in setwd(dir) : no es posible cambiar el directorio de trabajo

At first I didn't pay much attention to it, but I am having lots of
troubles with different programs, including LinDa, ANCOMBC or Genome
InfoDbdata (and thus, phyloseq). After asking in the different forus of
each program, they have told me that the issue is more related to my R
installation and that first message I obtain when I start the program.

I would be very grateful if someone could help me. This issue started when
I installed the latest version of R (4.3.1. and now 4.3.2.). I have already
uninstalled and reinstalled both programs, as well as Rtools. I am not sure
if the issue could be related to ONe Drive, since the HOME folder is in
OneDrive. I am currently working on Windows 10, 64 bits.

Yours faithfully,
*Ana de las Heras Molina*

Nutrición Animal
Departamento de  Producción Animal
Facultad de Veterinaria
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

*Contacto*: 913943855/anaherasm using ucm.es

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