[R] Dependency errors for package pracma

Hans W hwborcher@ @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Thu Nov 9 06:42:51 CET 2023

I tried to update my package {pracma} on CRAN from 2.4.2 (2022-09-21)
to version 2.4.4 (2023-11-08). This package reverse depends / imports
/ suggests on 350 packages on CRAN and 25 packages on Bioconductor.

The only changes are small corrections on some help files, a new
function for stereographic projection, and `gcd` and `Lcm` require
integer inputs now (these functions are not used in the packages

I received a dependency report saying that
    *** Changes to worse in reverse dependencies ***
    celltrackR, geostatsp, gmvjoint, hypr, randnet

Example: geostatsp suggests pracma, but uses only the function 'trapz'
that has not changed for years and years.
I cannot check this package, as probably other packages (from
Bioconductor ?) are needed to install it.

Example: gmvjoint imports pracma and uses 'grad', 'hessian', and
'nearest_spd'; these functions have not changed for years.
On my system, gmvjoint gets checked without ERRORs !

What should I do? Frankly, I do not have the time to check these
packages or to test almost 400 packages before uploading to CRAN.
Okay, I can leave it as is and wait until it gets thrown off CRAN
(because of some new syntax checks, e.g.). I will not mind much. Are
there better alternatives?

Thanks, Hans Werner

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