[R] Filtering DataFrame by Hours using dateRangeInput in Shiny

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Wed May 24 11:46:47 CEST 2023

В Wed, 24 May 2023 10:47:54 +0300
konstantinos christodoulou <konstantinos.christodoulou1 using gmail.com>

> Dear R Support Team,

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> I have a dataframe in R with a column named 'start_time,' which is
> classified as POSIXct. My objective is to use the dateRangeInput()
> widget in Shiny to filter the dataset based on the 'start_time'
> column, specifically by selecting hours on a particular day.

There's a third-party package called shinyTime which seems to let the
user enter times, unlike shiny::dateRangeInput(), which only accepts
dates. I'm afraid you'll have to combine information from multiple
input widgets yourself by subsetting the resulting POSIXlt objects.

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