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Hope you are well. I work for NHS England and I have been asked to conduct a security review of R, I am unable to locate information around the security posture of R. Would someone please be able to direct me to the correct page or alternatively answer the questions below:

  *   When was the application last updated?
  *   How often is it updated?
  *   Are there any guidance that is followed such as OWASP Application Security Verification Standards?
  *   Do you conform with a recognised security standard? (e.g., SOC1/2/3, ISO27001)
  *   Do you have an Information Security Policy with supporting Standards and Procedures? Please provide details (or provide a copy of the policy).
  *   Do you have formal change control and release management processes to manage code changes? Please provide details (or provide a copy of the documented process).
  *   Is the source code anywhere? If so where is and is it secure?
  *   Do you follow secure development processes? How is this achieved?
  *   Are there any common vulnerabilities?
  *   Is there a reporting process for reporting vulnerabilities and remediation processes? Please provide details/a copy of the documented process
  *   Do you undertake audits or other reviews to ensure that security controls are being implemented and operating effectively? How is this done? Can you provide details of this?
  *   Do you undertake regular penetration testing (or similar technical security testing, code review or vulnerability assessment); and are you able to provide a summary of results/findings?
  *   Do your employees (e.g., developers or system administrators) have access to customer data? How is this access controlled and monitored?
  *   Are all personnel required to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or Confidentiality Agreements (CA) as a condition of employment to protect customer information?
  *   Do you have Business Continuity and/or Disaster Recovery Plans? If Yes, please provide details including backup and redundancy mechanisms.
  *   Is there a  dedicated security team?
  *   Is there a contact for security issues?
  *   Has a vulnerability disclosure program?
  *   Is there a bug bounty program?
  *   Does R require third party authorization/connections?

Thank you


Ayesha Majid
Cyber Security Advisor | Cyber Operations
Transformation Directorate
NHS England

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