[R] Question about implementing statistical test in R

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Wed May 3 17:42:28 CEST 2023


I am a new user and have a stats question that I need help implementing in

I have 4 groups and I want to assess whether there is a statistical
difference between these groups at baseline first in a global comparison
test and then a pairwise comparison test.

There are about 2 continuous variables and 10 categorical variables

For the group wise comparison for continuous variables-I am using the Mann
Whitney test

For the categorical variables-I am using either chi square or Fisher
exact test for both global comparison and pairwise comparison.

What packages should I use to implement this in R? Is there any example
code that I use? I was thinking tbl_summary but don't think that's the
right one.

Would really appreciate any help with this!

Thank you!

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