[R] post tweets with media attachment - and with retirement of rtweet

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Sat Jun 24 20:01:49 CEST 2023

All -

I run an automated script that pulls in some market data, makes some charts, and posts them to twitter. A couple of them per day, and then once per month there's a little flurry around the CPI report.

For a while rtweet() worked great. Then v2 happened and Oauth2.0. The package broke, was fixed, and then broke (on 1.1 endpoints) for good. It works with 2.0 endpoints, but I can only post text...not media.

Most of the R packages for Twitter focus on retrieving tweets and information from Twitter, and not on posting to Twitter. So the options were already pretty limited. And now, even if I were to get rtweet to work for me (with respect to attaching media...and is there any way to auto-refresh the Oauth2.0 token without manually re-authorizing it every two hours???) it appears that rtweet is no longer going to be updated.

The immediate issue is figuring out how to get rtweet to work for me to post media along with the text post. But maybe there's a better package. Can anyone suggest a course of action?

(I guess worst case is that I continue to generate the media with R, then switch over to Python or something to post the tweet, but that's far more manual than I want - the whole point is for this to run unattended.)

Open to ideas! I've been wrestling with this for three days and finally realized that r-help is a resource. All ideas welcome!


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