[R] warnng to an error....

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Sat Jun 17 19:27:24 CEST 2023

Dear members,
                          AN update:
I have changed the if clause to:

if(class(x)[1] == "xts") || class(x)[2] == "zoo") {code}

but am bootless.....

PLease help...

THanking you,
Yours sincerely,

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Subject: [R] warnng to an error....

Dear members,

                          I have the following code:

> FUN(OHLCDataEP[[63]])
Error in (class(x) == "xts") || (class(x) == "zoo") :
  'length = 2' in coercion to 'logical(1)'
> traceback()
2: ygix(x, "c") at <tmp>#9
1: FUN(OHLCDataEP[[63]])
> class(OHLCDataEP[[63]])
[1] "xts" "zoo"

The following is in ygix() :

if((class(x) == "xts") || (class(x) == "zoo")

I think this would have been a warning (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/72848442/r-warning-lengthx-2-1-in-coercion-to-logical1) but I am on a ubuntu22.04 machine with R 4.3.0.

What should I do? Change it to:
if((class(x)[1] == "xts") || (class(x)[2] == "zoo")) {code}...

or is there any workaround?

THanking you,
Yours sincerely,
R Warning 'length(x) = 2 > 1' in coercion to 'logical(1)'<https://stackoverflow.com/questions/72848442/r-warning-lengthx-2-1-in-coercion-to-logical1>
Using R 4.1.3 I observe: var <- 0 > if(is.data.frame(var) || is.vector(var)) var <- as.matrix(var) > is.null(var) || (!is.matrix(var) && var == 0) || (dim(var)==c(1,1) &&amp...

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