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Tue Jun 6 05:34:03 CEST 2023


I am trying to create a 3D barplot using the following script

d <- read.table(text=' x   y     z
t1   5   high
t1   2   low
t1   4   med
t2   8   high
t2   1   low
t2   3   med
t3  50   high
t3  12   med
t3  35   low', header=TRUE)


cloud(y~x+z, d, panel.3d.cloud=panel.3dbars, col.facet='grey', 
      xbase=0.4, ybase=0.4, scales=list(arrows=FALSE, col=1), 
      par.settings = list(axis.line = list(col = "transparent")))

Executing this results in this error message

Error using packet 1
non-numeric argument to binary operator

I suspect that this error stems from read.table.

This graph is easily done with Excel but I'd rather use R

Any help would be appreciated.


Thomas Subia

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