[R] Adding a numeric class to a data.frame

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Jeff R, it would be helpful if your intent was understood.

For example, did you want output as a column of labels c("A", "B", "C") and
another adjacent of c(0.0011566127, 0.0009267028, 0.0081623324) then you
could do:

data.frame(labels=c("A", "B", "C"), data=c(0.0011566127, 0.0009267028,
  labels         data
1      A 0.0011566127
2      B 0.0009267028
3      C 0.0081623324

If you wanted your columns labeled with the data in multiple columns, try

> result <- data.frame(t(c(0.0011566127, 0.0009267028, 0.0081623324)))
> result
           X1           X2          X3
1 0.001156613 0.0009267028 0.008162332
> names(result) <- c("A", "B", "C")
> result
            A            B           C
1 0.001156613 0.0009267028 0.008162332

But these are not solutions to your specified problem unless you explain
properly what you want to do and the exact expected output.

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How do I add a numeric class to a data .frame. 


For example, I have calculated the following probabilities


           1            2            3

0.0011566127 0.0009267028 0.0081623324


How would I add them back into my data.frame for example


My_df <- data.frame(col_1 = c('A', 'B', 'C')) such that I end up with


col_1                   col_2

        A  0.0011566127


Though I could use a cbind.



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