[R] Live data collection, analysis & update of slides ..

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Sat Jul 22 22:51:11 CEST 2023

I'm looking for a way to do some live data analysis taking audience votes,
presenting their results, potentially posing some new questions to vote on,
and present those and vote.

I'm interested in any suggestions from the collective minds here about the
potential best approaches.

I can obviously provide a range of presentations (PowerPoint, html etc)
which could pose the initial questions.

I can use a third party audience feedback thing (poll everywhere etc) to
give a likert scale.

Most of those offer a histogram of results. But I want a couple of more
specifics - median (I can probably guess that from the histogram) and IQR
(not aware any of them offer that).  Obviously both would be EASY in R.

Anyone used an audience feedback service with an R accessible API?

Or I can use a survey tool to get the results but they don't pose questions
in time to the on-screen presenter...

>From that data I can have a pre-built quarto to present the results.

I'd also like to have a free text box to let people suggest alternative
versions of what they are voting on. Not come across anything in audience
feedback sessions... Anyone?

Then I want to be able to rerun the votes on the alternatives...

Does anyone have any thoughts on bits of R packages that might join this
all together and pull it off?

The alternative would be a shiny app but thG feels extreme for one

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