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Thanks and I know many such things exist. I simply found it interesting that what was mentioned seemed simpler as just being a converter of text to make a bitmap type image. Now if I want a simulated image of a cat riding a motorcycle while holding an Esperanto Flag, sure, I would not easily do it directly or even in a standard programming language. 

Of course I may have misunderstood "text" to mean the actual text, as compared to a somewhat natural language description using text. R does not easily do that.

Then again, there are ways to connect your R program to the Wolfram Knowledge base to pass through natural language queries ...


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> I am not sure what your example means but text to image conversion can be
> done quite easily in many programming environments and does not need an AI
> unless you are using it to hunt for info.  I mean you can open up many Paint
> or Photo programs and look at the menus and often one allows you to write
> using whatever font/size/color/background you want to add a layer on the
> image. There are plenty of free resources on-line that I sometimes use to
> write something in a large fiery font or whatever and when I get the result
> I want, I save it as graphics.

I would recommend you try out one of the many text-to-image AI
services like https://www.midjourney.com/ or
https://openai.com/dall-e-2. These services are much more
sophisticated than you might imagine.



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