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I am not sure what your example means but text to image conversion can be
done quite easily in many programming environments and does not need an AI
unless you are using it to hunt for info.  I mean you can open up many Paint
or Photo programs and look at the menus and often one allows you to write
using whatever font/size/color/background you want to add a layer on the
image. There are plenty of free resources on-line that I sometimes use to
write something in a large fiery font or whatever and when I get the result
I want, I save it as graphics.

If you mean that you found something other than a human who would listen to
you and maybe ask a few questions and then do it for you, good for you.
Since most people are not programmers, there is plenty of room for that kind
of thing.

Although R is not particularly designed to do what you are saying, a quick
search indicates plenty of packages using R for this kind of thing.

What gets me is an AI can do one of several things. It may give you a result
and you take it or leave it. Or, it can look around at the internet and
knowledge bases and throw a program at you, perhaps in R, and you would then
need to validate if it makes sense given your knowledge about R. If it gave
you a program in a language you did not know, would you blindly try using

To be fair, many years ago the barrier was higher. To figure out what a
function did, or even find such a function, often meant reading through
copious amounts of reference books, or lots of existing code looking for an
example of such use, or ask someone who might have to do the same. Often you
ended up writing code using other more primitive commands  that did what you
wanted. Obviously internet searches and other tools and the vast number of
people who are sharing this kind of info, make this easier. In some ways, an
AI can do much of the searching for you but with results that may be

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I haven't really focused on the statistical capabilities of AI, that
marriage of massive memory and associative learning. I am impressed by
its ability to perform text-to-image conversion, something I have
recently needed. My artistic ability is that of the average three year
old, yet I can employ AI to translate my mental images into realistic
pictures. Perhaps we really are learning about how we think. As far as
I am aware, it just does what we tell it to do. Like other tools, it
is as good or bad as the user.


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