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Tue Jul 18 15:28:30 CEST 2023

A repost.
R gurus:
I have a 10 or so functions that use R’s qnbinom() function. Until now,
they have worked without any problems whatsoever.
I created a new function, which involved the integration, using R’s
integrate(), of a function that in turn uses the qnbinom() function.
The function failed because of my programming stupidity. It has been
deleted from my source file.
Now I cannot get any function using qnbinom() to work. I get the following

Error in qnbinom(1 - tol, size = q, prob = r) :
  promise already under evaluation: recursive default argument reference or
earlier problems?
 An example function that that used to work splendidly but now fails is

#Distribution of R2: 0 to x
pRsq.Rhosq <- function(x, n, p, Rhosq,tol=tol){
  a <- p /2; b <- (n-p-1)/2; q <- (n-1)/2
  r <- 1-Rhosq
  k <- 0:qnbinom(1-tol,size=q,prob=r)

Tracebacks from more complicated functions, which have worked before,
always return to the above error.
When I re-source the source file without the offending function, I still
get the error.
How do I get rid of this error? What can I do to avoid it error in the

Joe Lucke

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