[R] Generic Function read?

Leonard Mada |eo@m@d@ @end|ng |rom @yon|c@eu
Tue Feb 28 21:00:18 CET 2023

Dear R-Users,

I noticed that *read* is not a generic function. Although it could 
benefit from the functionality available for generic functions:

read = function(file, ...) UseMethod("read")

  # [1] read.csv     read.csv2    read.dcf     read.delim read.delim2  
read.DIF     read.fortran
  # [8] read.ftable  read.fwf     read.socket  read.table

The users would still need to call the full function name. But it seems 
useful to be able to find rapidly what formats can be read; including 
with other packages (e.g. for Excel, SAS, ... - although most packages 
do not adhere to the generic naming convention, but maybe they will 
change in the future).

This should be possible (even though impractical), but actually does NOT 
read = function(file, ...) UseMethod("read")
file = "file.csv"
class(file) = c("csv", class(file));

Should it not work?



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