[R] Help request: Parsing docx files for key words and appending to a spreadsheet

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Fri Dec 29 23:25:07 CET 2023

help(read_docx) says that the function only imports one docx file. In
> order to read multiple files, use a for loop or the lapply function.

I told you people will suggest better ways to loop!!

> docx_summary(read_docx("Now they want us to charge our electric cars
> from litter bins.docx")) should work.

Ivan thanks for spotting my fail! Since the OP is new to all this I'm going
to suggest a little tweak to this code which we can then build into a for

filepath <- getwd() #you will want to change this later. You are doing
something with tcl to pick a directory which seems rather fancy! But keep
doing it for now or set the directory here ending in a /

filename <- "Now they want us to charge our electric cars from litter

full_filename <- paste0(filepath, filename)

#lets double check the file does exist!
if (!file.exists(full_filename)) {
  message("File missing")
} else {
  content <- read_docx(full_filename) |>
    # this reads docx for the full filename and
    # passes it ( |> command) to the next line
    # which summarises it.
    # the result is saved in a data frame object
    # called content which we shall show some
    # heading into from


Let's get this bit working before we try and loop


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