[R] Advice on starting to analyze smokestack emissions?

Kevin Zembower kev|n @end|ng |rom zembower@org
Sat Dec 16 20:06:46 CET 2023

Just to follow up on this thread, I didn't experience any problems
accessing the air monitoring data with the RAQSAPI package that I
anticipated from the US EPA's Air Quality System (AQS) Data Mart
database website. I didn't have to qualify with an agency affiliation
at all, just an email address.

Thanks again, Karl, for suggesting this.


On Fri, 2023-12-15 at 08:29 -0500, Kevin Zembower wrote:
> Bert, Tim, Karl and Richard, thank you all for your suggestions and
> help.
> I will try the R-sig-ecology list.
> Karl, I wasn't aware of the RAQSAPI package, but it looked promising.
> However, when I went to the source of the data it uses, the United
> States Environmental Protection Agency’s (US EPA) Air Quality System
> (AQS) Data Mart database, it looks like interactive access to the
> data
> is restricted to those who can document a professional agency
> affiliation. I don't have that. I'll work with the package to see if
> this is true regarding obtaining the data through it. Thanks for the
> suggestion.
> Richard, the Canada study of crematoriums was very useful. Thanks.
> Thanks, again, all, for your help.
> -Kevin

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