[R] [R-pkgs] ANOFA: Analysis of frequency data

Denis Cousineau Den|@@Cou@|ne@u @end|ng |rom uott@w@@c@
Wed Dec 13 13:54:07 CET 2023

A package for the analysis of frequency data, ANOFA, has been released 
on CRAN.

With this package, it is now possible to analyze frequencies following 
the logic of ANOVAs, by examining interaction effects and main effects, 
or explore simple effects (with expected marginal frequencies) or 
analyze one-degree-of-freedom orthogonal contrasts.

If you were planning on doing a chi-square test on a contingency table, 
think twice and read Sharpe (2015) https://*doi*.org/10.7275/tbfa-x148 . 
Then you will consider running an ANOFA . Examples are given in 
Laurencelle & Cousineau (2023) https://doi.org/10.20982/tqmp.19.2.p173

Also, a simple function for plotting the frequencies along with 
confidence intervals is shipped with the package.

See the main documentation on https://dcousin3.github.io/ANOFA/

Denis Cousineau.

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