[R] adding "Page X of XX" to PDFs

Dennis Fisher ||@her @end|ng |rom p|e@@th@n@com
Fri Dec 1 21:53:25 CET 2023

R 4.3.1


I often create multipage PDFs [pdf()] in which the text "Page X" appears in the margin.  These PDFs are created automatically using a massive R script.

One of my clients requested that I change this to:
	Page X of XX 
where XX is the total number of pages.  

I don't know the number of expected pages so I can't think of any clever way to do this.  I suppose that I could create the PDF, find out the number of pages, then have a second pass in which the R script was fed the number of pages.  However, there is one disadvantage to this -- the original PDF contains a timestamp on each page -- the new version would have a different timestamp -- so I would prefer to not use this approach.

Has anyone thought of some terribly clever way to solve this problem?


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