[R] Mann Kendall mutation package?

Nick Wray n|ckmwr@y @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Fri Dec 1 12:58:18 CET 2023

Hello - does anyone know whether there are any packages for Mann-Kendall
mutation tests in R available?  The only one I could find online is this
MK_mut_test: Mann-Kendall mutation test in Sibada/sibadaR: Sibada's
accumulated R scripts for next probably use to avoid reinventing the wheel.
(rdrr.io) <https://rdrr.io/github/Sibada/sibadaR/man/MK_mut_test.html> but
there doesn't seem to be a package corresponding to this.  I've tried
installing various permutations of the apparent name Sibada/sibadaR but
nothing comes up, so I'm not sure whether it even exists...

Thanks Nick Wray

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