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Thu Aug 17 13:10:58 CEST 2023

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Hi there,

My name is Shaun and I work in an organisation where one of our users wishes to install the R software and our process is to assess the safety of anyone software prior to authorisation. I can’t seem to locate all the information that we require on the webpage, so could someone kindly advise me of the following information please?

1. Please can you confirm what user information the software collects (E.g. Name, password, e-mail address, any Personally Identifiable Information etc)?
2. If any is collected, please can you confirm if the information collected by the software stays locally on the device or if it is transferred anywhere. If it is transferred, could you please advise where it is transferred to (E.g. your own servers, or a third party data centre such as Amazon Web Services or Azure)?
3. Are there any third-party components installed within the software and, if so, are these also kept up-to-date?

If you could kindly advise this information, it would be really appreciated, thank you 😊


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