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Sun Apr 9 19:49:09 CEST 2023

Clearly the column names are different. You need to decide what to do about that. Choose the subset of dataframes where the column names are the same? Rename columns? Omit some columns? Add missing columns filled with NA?

On April 9, 2023 10:22:32 AM PDT, akshay kulkarni <akshay_e4 using hotmail.com> wrote:
>Dear members,
>                             I am extracting a pdf table by the following code:
>> library(tabulizer)
>> IDT <- extract_tables("https://www.canmoney.in/pdf/INTRADAYLEVERAGE-20220531-latest.pdf",output = "data.frame")
>It returns 4 different data frames which I want to combine them and make one data frame. But when I run this:
>> rbind(IDT[[1]],IDT[[2]],IDT[[3]],IDT[[4]])
> Error in match.names(clabs, names(xi)) :
>names do not match previous names
>> class(IDT[[1]])
>[1] "data.frame"
>> cbind(IDT[[1]],IDT[[2]],IDT[[3]],IDT[[4]],make.row.names = FALSE)
> Error in data.frame(..., check.names = FALSE) :
>arguments imply differing number of rows: 55, 56, 30, 1
>Can anyone please help me to combine all these 4 different data frames?
>Thanking you,
>Yours sincerely,
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