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Sun Oct 30 20:31:19 CET 2022


The RVAideMemoire package has a pairwise variance test which one can use to identify variance differences between group levels.

Using the example from this package, pairwise.var.test(InsectSprays$count,InsectSprays$spray), we get this output:

    Pairwise comparisons using F tests to compare two variances

data:  InsectSprays$count and InsectSprays$spray

   A              B             C             D            E     
B 0.7464     -               -              -              -     
C 0.0187     0.0358     -      -       -     
D 0.0865     0.1502     0.5131     -             -     
E 0.0122     0.0173     0.7185     0.3240    -     
F 0.4693     0.3240     0.0050     0.0173     0.0029

P value adjustment method: fdr

Is there a way to graph the pairwise variance differences so that users can easily identify the statistically significant variance differences between group levels?

I can do this using Minitab but I'd prefer using R for this.

Thomas Subia

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