[R] statistical error in ggerrorplot argument desc_statby

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Tue Oct 18 08:49:34 CEST 2022

I suppose the key concept you seem to be missing is that contributed packages are not part of R, nor are the R developers going to do anything to fix it, even if they might happen to lurk around here occasionally, and many package maintainers do not lurk at all on this list.

If you type ?ggerrorplot at the R prompt you should learn that it is part of the ggpubr package. If you type maintainer("ggpubr") you should learn who _is_ responsible for that package. And if you Google for "cran ggpubr" you should find the canonical web https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=ggpubr on which there is an entry for Bug Reports leading in this case to a GitHub issues tracker. So, an email directed at the maintainer or a quick Google search would be far more likely to lead to an effective change than posting here will.

Do (re-)read the Posting Guide... there are all sorts of tidbits in there.

On October 17, 2022 1:29:40 AM PDT, paladini using trustindata.de wrote:
>I think there is a major statistical error or at least an inaccuracy in ggerrorplot and I don't know where to report this problem.
>When using ggerrorplot, you can choose the argument desc_statby=sd or desc_statby= se. Where sd is described as "standard deviation of the mean".
>and se as "standard error of the mean".
>This makes no sense at all, because the standard error of the mean is exactly the standard deviation of the mean.
>Whereas sd is usually used to denote the standard deviation of the sample.
>The standard error of the mean or the standard deviation of the mean (sem) equals the standard deviation of the sample divided by the root of the sample size: sem= sd/root(n).
>In error charts, it is common to represent the mean in combination with the sample standard deviation (sd) or the standard error of the mean (sem).
>I think it is important to clarify the difference between sem and sd in relation to desc_statby as they because they are often confused by students and researchers alike.
>Kind regards
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