[R] Ids with matching number combinations?

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Fri Oct 7 17:20:28 CEST 2022

The merge function doesn't require a package.

But inner_join may be faster than merge.

On October 7, 2022 8:16:11 AM PDT, "Ebert,Timothy Aaron" <tebert using ufl.edu> wrote:
>Would an inner_join work? If not, please describe why so that we can improve our answer. This answer requires the dplyr package.
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>Hallo Marine
>Could you please make your example more reproducible by using set.seed (and maybe smaller)?
>If I understand correctly, you want to know if let say row 1 items from df2
>(8,16) are both in item column of specific id?
>If I am correct in guessing, I cannot find another solution than split your df according to id x <- split(df, df$id)[[1]]
>and for each row of df2 test if within the specified id you can find both numbers.
>sum(is.element(df2[1,], x$item))==2
>[1] FALSE
>So basically 2 cycles, one for df ids and the other for df2 rows.
>But maybe somebody will give you more ingenious answer.
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>> Hi,
>> If I have two datasets like this:
>> df=data.frame("id"=rep(1:10,10, each=10), "item1"=sample(1:20, 100,
>> replace=T)
>> df2=data.frame("a"=c(8, 8,10,9, 5, 1,2,1), "b"=c(16,18,11, 19,18,
>> How do I find out which ids in the df dataset that has a match for 
>> both
>> numbers occuring in the same row in the df2 dataframe? In the output I
>> like to get the matching id and the rownumber from the df2.
>> Output something like this
>> Id                        Rownr
>> 2                         1
>> 5                         1
>> 7                         4
>> My actual problem is more complex with even more columns to be matched 
>> and the datasets are large, hence the solution needs to be efficient.
>> Kind regards,
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