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Mon Oct 3 17:51:04 CEST 2022

Hi R team,
I can use rio package to read excel file into R as a list. The excel file content multiple sheets (30 - 40 data sheets). I can convert each data elements into dataframe manually. I have multiple excel files with multiple data sheets. I need to load them into R and do the comparison for same sheet name from difference excel file. My current code is:
 library(rio)   setwd ("C:/temp")
filenames <- gsub("\\.xlsx$","", list.files(pattern="\\.xlsx$"))
for(i in filenames){
  assign(i, import_list(paste0(i, ".xlsx", sep="")))
file1_dx1     <-  file1[["dx1"]]

file1_dx2     <-  file1[["dx2"]]

file1_dx3     <-  file1[["dx3"]]

file2_dx1     <-  file1[["dx1"]]

file2_dx2     <-  file1[["dx2"]]

I hope the code can automatic converting the list (may have 30 - 40 lists) by adding file name (such as: filename_sheetname) and put it in for loop

Thank you,

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