[R] Rare behaviour for nlme::reStruct example and question about ?lmeObject

IAGO GINÉ VÁZQUEZ |@go@g|ne @end|ng |rom @jd@e@
Tue Nov 15 08:21:12 CET 2022

Dear developers,

When I run the example code in the help of reStruct, I get

> library(nlme)
> rs1 <- reStruct(list(Dog = ~day, Side = ~1), data = Pixel)
> rs1
Uninitialized random effects structure
> str(rs1)
List of 2
 $ Side:Error in pdMatrix.pdSymm(x) :
  cannot extract matrix from an uninitialized object

Is it expected?

In addition to that I would like to ask if shouldn't be `terms` documented in `?lmeObject`.

Kind regards,


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