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Dear members,
                              I want to send the same function with different arguments to different processors. This solution was provided in Stack Overflow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25045998/send-function-calls-with-different-arguments-to-different-processors-in-r-using
Send function calls with different arguments to different processors in R using parallel package - Stack Overflow<https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25045998/send-function-calls-with-different-arguments-to-different-processors-in-r-using>
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I have a 48 core processor. My question is, how do i loop through the cores without explicitly mentioning the core numbers?
Will this work?

cl <- makeCluster(4)
clusterExport(cl, "foo")
cores <- seq_along(cl)
r <- clusterApply(cl[cores], cores, function(core) {

  for(i in 1:48) {

      if (core ==i) {

        foo( x[i] )


Many thanks in advance......

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