[R] Placement of legend in base plot()

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I will suggest that if the bty='n' approach works that is a good solution. If you have 50 graphs and they all have the same legend, then put the legend in a common area outside the graphs or in graph 1 (and a comment in the legend or a footnote.) I would be fine with the legend outside the graph, if that was necessary. If data points are critical for some users then include the raw data as an appendix or electronic attachment. If I had to wade through a large number of graphs I think I would get more annoyed at having the legend appear in odd places within the graph. It might highlight skills in R to make the legend dynamically placed (change size and placement to fit the largest open area within a graph), but it would not improve communication in my opinion. 


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Hi Spencer,

Spencer Graves wrote on 2022-05-31 15:17:
> "bty='n'" will suppress the background, so you can still see the 
> points that would otherwise be covered up by the legend box.

I’m aware of it. ;-)

> That does NOT answer your question, ...

This was just a simple example. Actually I have substantially more points (up to 200).

> ... but it does make it less critical.



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