[R] R and .asc file extension

Francois Morneau |r@nco|@@morne@u @end|ng |rom |gn@|r
Fri May 20 16:34:43 CEST 2022

Dear Thomas,

If your .asc file is a raster (Esri ASCII raster format), you may 
consider the functions 'raster' in the raster package or 'read_starts' 
in the star package.

Otherwise (or even)  'scan' or 'read.table' from base/utils may be your 



Le 20/05/2022 à 15:27, Thomas Subia via R-help a écrit :
> Colleagues,
> I have data which has a .asc file extension.
> Can R read that file extension?
> All the best,
> Thomas Subia
> Statistician

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