[R] [External] result of mean(v1, v2, v3) of three real number not the same as sum(v1, v2, v3)/3

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Thu May 12 22:55:00 CEST 2022

I thank Richard Heiberger, Marc Schwartz, Eric Berger, Ivan Krylov, and David Stevens for answering my question regarding different results obtained from mean(v1,v2,v3)) and sum(v1,v2,v3)/3

I believe the explanations points out a  possibly dangerous aspect of the sum vs mean functions. Mean may be used improperly!
The help file for 
sum says:
. . . numeric or complex or logical vectors

The help for mean says:
x, An R object, Currently there are methods for numeric/logical vectors, date, date/time/ and interval objects.

While the help file for mean explains that mean expects its parameters to be a vector, it is reasonable for an R user to assume that mean works on a series of scalers, i.e. v1,v2,v3 rather than requiring a vector i.e. c(v1,v2,v3). 

Should the help file for mean be modified so that it checks to see if its parameter is a vector? If the parameter is not a vector, an error message might be generated. Without this, someone unsuspecting user (who does not check and think about results) might blindly accept the output of mean, use it to build a bridge, or skyscraper, which fails and result in the death of innocent victims. 


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Subject: [External] [R] result of mean(v1, v2, v3) of three real number not the same as sum(v1, v2, v3)/3

I have a very strange problem. I am getting different results from

> mean(mlagFZ1,mlagFZ2,mlagFZ3)
[1] -0.3326792

>  sum(mlagFZ1,mlagFZ2,mlagFZ3)/3
[1] -0.201942

R code:

> print(mlagFZ1)
[1] -0.3326792
> print(mlagFZ2)
[1] -0.1890601
> print(mlagFZ3)
[1] -0.0840866
>  sum(mlagFZ1,mlagFZ2,mlagFZ3)/3
[1] -0.201942
> mean(mlagFZ1,mlagFZ2,mlagFZ3)
[1] -0.3326792

Can someone tell me what I did wrong?
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