[R] After installing and loading package 'PMCMRplus' could not find function 'posthoc.kruskal.conover.test'

Ebert,Timothy Aaron tebert @end|ng |rom u||@edu
Wed May 4 13:25:32 CEST 2022

Reading the documentation it looks like there might have been a name change as part of an update. Have you tried kwAllPairsConoverTest? The alternative is have you tried installing an older version of this package?


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Subject: [R] After installing and loading package 'PMCMRplus' could not find function 'posthoc.kruskal.conover.test'

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> source("~/.active-rstudio-document", echo=TRUE)

> library(tidyverse)

> library(PMCMRplus)

> m1 <- c(83, 91, 94)

> m2 <- c(91, 90, 81, 83)

> m3 <- c(78, 82, 77)

> pKW(list(m1, m2, m3), method = "Asymptotic")
Ties are present, so p-values are based on conditional null distribution.
Group sizes: 3 4 3
Kruskal-Wallis H' Statistic: 5.5031
Asymptotic upper-tail probability: 0.0638

> posthoc.kruskal.conover.test(list(m1, m2, m3),
+                              p.adjust.methods = "BH")
Error in posthoc.kruskal.conover.test(list(m1, m2, m3), p.adjust.methods =
"BH") :
  could not find function "posthoc.kruskal.conover.test"

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