[R] customizing edit.data.frame

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Mon May 2 13:09:55 CEST 2022

I would also love to find out how to make changes to the way edit() -- or in my case, View(), but that's presumably using the same resources -- looks under Linux. On my 4K display, the font size is so small as to be barely readable. I would assume this requires some adjustment to .Xresources, but I don't know what keys might be relevant. Searching through the source code didn't give me any clues. See also:


The only mention of Xresources I could find were under ?X11, but this pertains to plots, not edit() and View(). 

I asked about this on R-sig-Debian in 2017:


I don't think I ever followed this up on R-devel (where maybe this belongs), so happy to move this there if nobody here has any suggestions.


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>I was wondering how to customize the grid color of the GUI from the following
>The default grid color is red while on linux it is black. I also found
>out that one can customize the mentioned color using the native R GUI in
>the menu preferences. After saving the preferences a file named Rconsole
>is created.
>I would like to know if there is a way to set the grid color directly
>when launching R from the terminal or RStudio or ESS?
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