[R] Sweave

Naresh Gurbuxani n@re@h_gurbux@n| @end|ng |rom hotm@||@com
Sun Jun 26 15:28:41 CEST 2022

I want to use Sweave, but incorporate some features from emacs org mode.  

When I first started writing reproducible documents, I used Sweave to combine LaTeX and R.  Four years ago, I started using org mode in emacs, which has a few additional features:

1.  In org mode, it is possible to see R-generated figures and tables in the running text.  In R Studio, I have to go to the plots window to look at the figures and R console to look at tables.  When reviewing the document, it interrupts the flow.  

2.  In org mode document, it is possible to set a global variable so that, at the time of compilation, embedded code is not rerun.  org mode simply uses the results from the most recently run code and embeds them in the document.  This makes the compilation much faster.  In Sweave, it is possible to achieve this for individual code blocks by setting eval=FALSE.  But in a long document with many code blocks, this method is time consuming.      

My new workplace does not support emacs.  I have gone back to using Sweave, but miss above features.  Is it possible to have these features in R Studio?


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