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On June 25, 2022 at 2:38:42 PM, Avi Gross via R-help (r-help using r-project.org (mailto:r-help using r-project.org)) wrote:

> Just adding to my previous post, I looked back and this forum has at times had discussions in which the use of packages related to R STUDIO and/or the tidyverse was considered somehow not aligned with the mailing list.



Very narrowly responding to your comments above, the posting guide for R-Help was updated effective April 1, 2022, to specifically modify the language there regarding acceptable content. There was a post by John Fox on this here:


This was based upon discussions among R Foundation members, of which I am one, with the caveat that I do not speak formally on behalf of the R Foundation here.

The discussions were predicated upon what, at times, have been "energetic" threads here regarding what is on or off topic. 

The new language was crafted to make it clear that discussions of third party CRAN packages are acceptable here, while implicitly recognizing that some packages may not be widespread in use and/or may have dedicated support forums of their own. Thus, in some cases, directly contacting the package maintainer(s) may still be the best course of action, in the absence of a helpful response here.

Going back too far in the R-Help archives (e.g. before April 1, 2022) may be biased relative to the discussions on acceptable CRAN package content here, given the recent change in the guide, and the likelihood that there was a transition in list behavior for a period of time.


Marc Schwartz

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