[R] Combining Differnt columns in one single column

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Tue Jun 14 02:31:54 CEST 2022

Yes, It just takes another step. Here is the new pattern:
ID_names1 <- paste0("id0000",1:9)
ID_names2 <- paste0("id000",10:99)
ID5 <-as.data.frame(ID_names1) #convert to a dataframe.
ID5$name<-colnames(ID5) #make a new variable from column name.
colnames(ID5)<-c("name","val") #rename columns to be consistent for all dataframes.
ID6 <-as.data.frame(ID_names2)


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Dear Tim it works, But i want to treat them as a column name. Is it possible to treat as a column name ?

On 6/13/22, Ebert,Timothy Aaron <tebert using ufl.edu> wrote:
> ID5 <- as.data.frame(ID_names1)
> colnames(ID5)<-"val" #rename the columns so they have the same name.
> ID6 <- as.data.frame(ID_names2)
> colnames(ID6)<-"val"
> rbind(ID5, ID6)
> This works for the first two, just keep doing the same thing for the 
> others.
> Tim
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> Dear All, I have the following column name in different data frame and 
> different size
> ID_names1 <- paste0("id0000",1:9)
> ID_names2 <- paste0("id000",10:99)
> ID_names3 <- paste0("id00",100:999)
> ID_names4 <- paste0("id0",1000:9999)
> ID_names5 <- paste0("id",10000:50000)
> Dose it possible to combine in to a single column in r?
> Best,
> Hana
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